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“The world, imperfect as it is from the rational point of view, is the result of forces inherent in human nature. To improve the world one must work with those forces, not against them.”

—Hans J. Morgenthau, Politics Among Nations

Faithful Learning in Political Science

If you like to follow politics, you might not think your interest is anything noteworthy. Aren’t plenty of people invested in politics, including many Christians? But most people understand it, through headlines and soundbites, as a chaotic battlefield—two sides trying to “win.” We’ve all heard opinions from talking heads . . . but why leave politics up to them? Political science says we don’t have to!

Cale Horne reminds us of the science behind politics—a deliberate study that forms theories from data. In addition, he explains how Christian students can understand this science in a way that others can’t. Discover how we can use political science not as an instrument of “war” with the “other side” but as a means of common grace as we lovingly engage with the world around us.

The Faithful Learning series invites Christian students to dive deeper into a modern academic discipline. The authors, scholars in their fields, believe that academic disciplines are good gifts from God that, when understood rightly, will give students the potential to cultivate a deeper love for God and neighbor.

Cale Horne (MA, University of South Carolina; PhD, University of Georgia) is associate professor of political studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, where he has taught since 2011.

Religion & Spirituality
6 May
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