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This volume contains books 13-15 of London Lovett's Port Danby Cozy Mystery series. Join Lacey 'Pink' Pinkerton and the cast of colorful, lovable Port Danby characters—including the endearing and handsome Detective James Briggs—for three intriguing murder mysteries.

•  Cornflowers and Corpses (Book 13)

Pink's Flowers is in the middle of a busy bridal season, and Lacey is struggling to find a replacement for her irreplaceable assistant Ryder Kirkland. In the midst of dealing with quirky, incompetent and occasionally just unpleasant new floral assistants, Lacey finds her focus and time once again taken up by murder.

The West Coast Bird Watcher's Society has come to town for some birding frivolity and excursions. When one of the members winds up dead, Lacey and her super nose jump into action. The victim had plenty of enemies and not many friends so theories and accusations take flight. Detective Briggs and Lacey must untangle the clues to find the killer.

• Jasmine and Jealousy (Book 14)

It's a busy end of summer for Lacey Pinkerton and so much is happening Lacey can hardly keep up. Ryder returns but his arrival does not go as expected and Lacey finds herself smack in the center of a Lola driven bout of drama. On top of that there's a new detective in town. While Lacey's happy that Briggs will have more free time (especially if it's spent with her) she's not too sure about Detective Fairchild. And worse, it seems Detective Fairchild is not too sure about Lacey.

A taco truck arrives in town. The popular Taco Brothers run a smooth operation but the relationship between the siblings is anything but smooth. When one of the brothers winds up dead, Lacey is anxious to help investigate. But the new detective doesn't want her around. Of course that doesn't stop her from finding out who killed the Taco Brother. And in the midst of such a whirlwind week, Lacey finally gets a big break on the Hawksworth murder.

Will Lacey finally put together the pieces to solve the hundred-year-old murder mystery?

•  Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Book 15)

After Lacey Pinkerton solved the hundred-year-old mystery of the Hawksworth family murders, Port Danby dropped into a season of chaos. Mayor Price resigned from office, and the town grew divided with some standing behind Harlan Price, and the Price family legacy, and others, including Lacey, deciding that Bertram Hawksworth needed total exoneration and a loftier place in Danby history. 

With a vacancy in the mayor's office, Nellie Smith, Bertram's great-grandniece decides to run, and Lacey is happy to join the campaign. When a man is murdered on Nellie's driveway, all evidence points to the candidate. Lacey is in a race against time to solve the murder and save the campaign. But the investigation takes a dangerous turn when Lacey becomes the killer's next target.

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