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Change must happen...

A path must be carved for the next generation. A path to lead humankind from the brink of environmental and political collapse. A path away from our antiquated chains of economy and consumerism.

The universe must wield its powers to bring opposite ideals to collide, in a story of true love. George is a boy genius in quantum science, coaxed from his military think tank on nothing more than a feeling. A feeling he must head north, into the wilderness, and into her sweet embrace. 

Annabelle escaped from an abusive home at a young age. She found her new life in the spiritual teachings of a merry band of hippies, tucked back in the mountain forests. In a small village called Beelieve. 

The bond between science and spiritualism grows quick, and unbreakable. Love blooms life in the form of twins. With their combined knowledge, the villagers agree to try a new way of teaching. It's a longshot, and it will take great effort. But if it works, there will be new skills. Skills that can be taught to anyone willing, and lead us down a new path, toward true freedom. 

But beware... for success will bring resistance from very powerful foes. Foes, who like things just the way they are. 

Welcome to Quantum Avidya. A conversation to challenge our ways and views. To open a door for the next generation to do it better.  

Young Adult
30 December
Stand Publishing INC.

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