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This is book 3 and the finale of The Twisted Saints MC trilogy!

I've found what I was looking for:

The perfect woman to claim and corrupt.

I won't rest until she's bearing my ink.

And I'll brand her so the world knows she's mine.


My plan to rob her daddy was simple.

Get in and get out.

But when I saw those begging eyes and that curvy, perfect body…

Things got a little more complicated.

I have plenty of notches on my belt.

Plenty of satisfied women, sent home moaning and sore.

But this girl is different.

It won't be enough to take her to my bed.

It won't be enough to hear her scream.

No, this time around, I need complete and utter dominance.

I have to own her.

And I won't rest until every SOB in the whole country knows that she belongs to me.

Sure as hell won't be easy, though.

Because Maggie isn't just any broad.

She's the daughter of the city's most powerful Mafia capo…

Who's also the man I'm about to rob blind.

The stakes might be high, but that's the way I like 'em.

I want to ride out:

For blood and glory.

For club and kutte.

For fighting and taking whatever I please.

Starting with her.


I'm fighting tooth and nail to avoid the fate my father has set out for me.

He's used to treating the women in his life like objects, like bargaining chips.

I guess that comes with the mob boss territory.

But I refuse to be bought and sold.

I won't let him marry me off to some creepy, disgusting mafioso.

I'm going to get the hell out of this family, this city, this life.

I want open roads and freedom.

And I've just found the man who will take me there.

But he wants something in exchange.

Not just my body.

Not just my heart.

He wants to own me from head to toe, inside and out.

And he wants to brand me so I can look at my skin and remember, every day and every night…

That I belong to him.

August 22
Sopris Page Press Inc.

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