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In Resisting Peer Pressure for Teens, young writers show that it’s possible to stand up to the pressure they may feel from friends and some family members to be "cool."

Inspire teen and preteen readers to take responsibility for and make wiser decisions about their lives with the essays in this book—each written by a teenager. Within these pages, Jamel A. Salter, Fan Yi Mok, and Charlene George, and many others, describe how and why they chose to keep it real and fight back against the pressure they felt from friends to use drugs and alcohol; have sex too early; lie, cheat, and steal; and skip or act out in school.

Essays include:
• My Secret Love
• Losing My Friends to Weed
• Why Do So Many Teens Cheat?
• Can't Afford to Follow
• Hiding My Talent No More
• Why I Speak My Mind
• Sex Doesn't Make You a Man
• My So-Called Friends
• Making Me Dance
• Peer Pressure Ended Our Relationship
• I Want to Be Pretty and Popular
• The Trouble with Being a Virgin
• Thinking for Myself
• and more!

Through these essays, teen readers will pick up new ways to say no and advice that will help them stay true to themselves, while parents, teachers, and caregivers will be provided a much-needed glimpse into how the world looks to our younger generations.

Young Adult
15 February
Sky Pony

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