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When Myles goes off to university, seemingly never looking back, Sage is heartbroken, bitter and resentful and determined to never speak to him again.
The next two years are hard for Sage; what with his mother dying, leaving him to bring up his baby sister all on his own.
His neighbour, Pearl is his rock, lending a hand every time he needs someone to look after his baby sister, Chelsea, all the while chattering on about her grandson...
Since they never mention his name, neither Pearl, nor Sage realise that her grandson, and Sage's ex-best friend are one and the same person...
But then Myles returns, back from uni - possibly for good, determined to rekindle at least a friendship with his most favourite person in the whole world and turning Sage's world upside down in the process.
At first, Sage is suspicious of Myles' attempts to befriend him again but slowly, he starts to realise that Myles is absolutely genuine in his desire to win his heart back....
Is this Sage's time for a Christmas miracle?
With a little help from his friends, he's hopeful that finally, it might be...
This is a standalone gay Christmas romance. It's full of festive cheer, two cute guys, an adorable little sister and a gran that doubles as a fairy godmother. Find a cosy corner, a glass of something festive, eat too much chocolate and enjoy...

Fiction & Literature
December 20
Heather Mar-Gerrison

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