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Publisher Description

You'll find within the pages of
Sailor Cambridge all the adventure, excitement, joy and fun that is always
desired by the reader that is continually seeking to leave reality for just
awhile. Yet you will find, not only adventure, but within those adventures an
identity of self, hope, love for life, and many desires to live your life with
more zeal, ambition, self like, self love, and a renewed understanding and love
for all those around you. Within these pages are great treasures that are able
to bring success and fortune to all that read and learn from all that is held
there! These writings will be handed down to generation after generation.

This book, and the ones to
follow, is in settings of fiction, entailing non-fiction facts.

Readers, from the age of 12 years
to mature adults, will enjoy and receive hopes and enlightenment that will lay
out a definite map for their journeys through life. All ages and genders will
find many treasures within the pages of this book. You will find joy, peace-of­-mind,
truths, and yourself.

Once these facts and theories are
understood, and put to use within the confines of one's life, there will be no
more desires of suicide or death, and less struggles with the, all
encompassing, dark side of this world.

After numerous life altering
experiences with this side and the other side of life, it was brought to my
attention that not only have I benefited from those experiences, but others,
too, will benefit.

This is a book that you will
desire to read, and re-read, over and over again and again. Each time, each
adventure is read, you will find more and more treasures pertaining to the
sustaining of life. Read and enjoy!

November 22