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Bria is a woman whose sensuality is unmatched.  When the man who desires her more than he desires his own wife shows up at her door, she is not home, and he is met by a man who claims to be Bria’s friend and nothing more.  Tricked into entering the old building at the edge of her property, Bria is drawn into an erotic game which she is forced to play.


Bria knew that she was talked about in the small town.  Women looked her up and down with disdain as they walked down the street with their small children.  Maybe some of the townspeople looked down upon her and her unconventional ways, refusing to marry, and sleeping with whomever she pleased.  But her life worked for her.  Everyone was equal in her eyes.  The entire world was filled with erotic possibilities.  Each lover had his strengths and weaknesses.

The old door of what had become known as the forbidden building at the edge of the property creaked as she pushed it open.  Her best friend and keeper of the farm, Joe, knew how much she hated this old building, avoiding it as best she could, fearing the ghosts that she believed lingered inside.  The stories of the old building were far fetched but nonetheless believable to the young woman as they were handed down from generation to generation.  Her parents had been odd, some said sinister, and instead of bedtime stories of pretty angels and love, Bria had been told hardcore ghost stories about the old rundown building at the edge of the property.

As she was walking past one of the hay bales that were kept in the old building for the cold winters, she was grabbed from behind.  The man’s arms were strong and no matter how much she wiggled and kicked, she couldn’t break free of his grasp.  


“This isn’t good at all, Bria.  I can smell them on you.  Men, I smell men.  The men at the bar must get quite the view every night.  I hope you aren’t giving it away for free.” 

Bria nearly spoke, but she stopped herself just in time.  Joe was deliberately trying to anger her, but she was more aroused than angered by his talk of men.

Fiction & Literature
October 8
Beau to Beau Books

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