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This is a book about the phenomena known as 'Bible Codes' or 'Torah Codes'.

In 1988 a group of Rabbis forwarded a paper to the London based Royal Statistical Society proving that pertinent words appear in the book of Genesis at equally spaced intervals. The RSS examined the evidence and finally concluded that indeed this is true and that they could offer no explanation for it.

Then a few years later the evidence was sent to the American publisher Statistical Science. They in turn devised their own test and were astonished to find that all of the 34 names of prominent Jews they submitted were indeed found encoded in the book of Genesis along with the date of that persons' birth or death. They set the odds against that being coincidental as 50,000 : 1. A second set of names selected by Statistical Science was tried and they found all 34 of them too with the dates of their birth or death. That time they set the odds of this being a coincidence at a whopping 2.5 billion to 1 . However they only published the 50,000:1 figure.

It turns out that he entire Old Testament as preserved in the Masoretic Hebrew Text contains such startling and pertinent words. Some amplify and harmonize with the text while others point to a future event that occurs sometimes centuries later as verified in the bible itself. The name of Jesus appears in the Old Testament many times spelled at intervals in passages that relate to his future appearance.

This has been called 'Bible Codes', 'Torah Codes' and other things as well. This book shows you exactly where some of the things both I and others found using two computer programs. You can actually verify this for yourself by looking at a Jewish bible exactly where I tell you to look.

The book provides links to the articles and instructions for downloading free software so that you can search and verify for yourself. It also provides the name of the Hebrew-English dictionary and Hebrew-English bible that I used to verify all of my finds and even those of others before me.

Religion & Spirituality
12 December
Gerald Simpkins

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