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Are you are focused on reaching your goals, yet you easily lose your motivation and focus? You want to be a highly self-disciplined person who does not get discouraged when things do not go your way, but keeps moving forward without letting common obstacles and roadblocks distract you?

If these question relate to you, your desires and needs, then you are in the right place. If you struggle with reaching your fullest potential, you are not the only one. The truth is that everyone at some point in their lives struggles with getting things done on time, keeping their motivation levels high and being as productive as they should be. There are several tools for boosting your productivity and performance while the major key to being a highly productive person always remains the same. We are talking about being self-disciplined.

This book will provide you with information on how to get self-disciplined, and motivated by changing your daily routine for the better. It will also provide information on how important self-assessment is, how to implement good routines and get rid of bad ones, changing yourself to be better every day, to be a consistent and disciplined person that knows what he/she wants.

Inside You Will Discover
The importance of being self-disciplinedHow self-discipline and habits are relatedSelf-discipline as one of those major success factorsThe importance of strategic planning and time managementHow to set your personal development goalsWhat procrastination and instant gratification areWhat it means to be a highly self-disciplined personWhat the difference is between random behavior and routinesWhich self-discipline habits and routines to implement into your daily livingHow to stay motivated for longerHow to efficiently implement self-discipline habitsAnd much, much more...
Get this book NOW, learn how to change your unproductive, inefficient daily habits, and become a highly self-disciplined person you have always wanted to be!

Health & Well-Being
October 15
Patty Morgan

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