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Looking for a place to live? Signing up your children to a new school? Are you or your children going to a new college?

You need this book to keep you safe! Sex Offenders: Revealed provide so much information about sex offenders and was written to keep you safe. This ebook will help you be safe, tell you how SO's are managed and allow you to check online, at State & National level, anywhere in the United States.

We hear about children and woman being kidnapped everyday. They are not heard from for days, weeks or even years. Sometime you never hear from them ever again. Only to learn the offender was on your street, neighborhood or city.

How many times have we all heard variations on this incredibly sad story: A young, vulnerable child is kidnapped, assaulted and more, only later to find that the perpetrator is a convicted sex offender? How many more will we hear?

Having obtained a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology and many further hours of specialized instruction in the treatment of sexual assault victims, I’m trained to remain calm and composed when I hear these stories.

But I’m also a woman living within a family, a neighborhood and a community and I believe that I’m either part of the problem or part of the solution. It’s important that we know who is living among us and interacting with our children, that we all protect those who can’t protect themselves, and that we all take a stand against those who hurt others.

Following a kidnapping and rape at the age of 19 I wanted simply to crawl away and die, however someone who cared enough to help me fight back saved my life. I survived to become a success story, but for all those who survive rape, there are many who don’t; they’re silenced at the hands of their attacker.

I also wrote this book for other reasons: Too many sexual assault victims sit in front of me asking why. And too many children are victimized by family members, friends, or strangers.

The information you’ll find in this book is to help keep you and your family safe and to become aware of sex offenders who is living near and interacting with your family, perhaps on a daily basis.

I’m committed to doing every-thing possible to help you, your family and your neighbors avoid becoming a statistic and suffering the tragedy of sexual assault. In the following chapters you’ll learn:

1. 4 types of sex offenders and what they “look” like
2. How sex offenders are supervised when released from incarceration
3. Who is responsible for your safety
4. How you will be notified of a sex offender living in your neighborhood
5. 6 important things you must learn at your community notification meeting
6. 3 situations that require you to conduct a sex offender search
7. The importance of searching on a regular basis
8. How to keep your family and your neighborhood safe
9. Crime prevention programs and child abduction alerts
10. Special situations for sexual assault victims

and much more ...

This book with empower you, give you strength, and let you feel safer again in your home.

5 March
Teresa Lauer