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Werewolves in the woods. Vampires stalking the streets. Just another day in Havengrove

Taken away from the town of Havengrove by her mother when she was only a baby, Elise knows nothing of the fate that awaits her should she ever return to that cursed town. But sixteen years later, after losing both of her parents, she finds herself with no choice but to return to Havengrove to live with the grandmother that she's never even met. Moving into the same home that her mother grew up in, Elise is at first looking forward to building a relationship with her grandmother, until she soon realizes that all is not as it seems in Havengrove. 

Secrets are being kept. People are being butchered. Monsters are roaming free. Elise is caught in the middle of a conflict that she wants no part of but can't possibly escape. But who can she turn to for help? The mysterious golden-eyed boy who watches her from the church window. The handsome stable hand who seems to know more than he's letting on. Can either of them be trusted? 

As Elise strips away the shroud of mystery that surrounds the town's unusual history, she begins to question her decision to come here. After all, her mother fled from Havengrove and tried to keep her from ever finding out about its existence. What was she trying to protect her from? And what will happen when Elise is finally confronted with the truth that she was cursed the moment she was born? 

Shared Blood is a young adult novel sure to appeal to fans of vampires, werewolves, paranormal romance, dark fantasy, fast-paced mysteries, and all things supernatural.

Young Adult
30 August
Nicholas Jordan

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