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StarCraft: Remastered game guide is focused on a walkthrough of the singleplayer campaign. Also You will find useful tips and strategies that will help you get through every mission in the game.

The Starcraft game guide is mostly focused on a walkthrough of the singleplayer campaign. There are thirty missions in the game, divided into three chapters. The game presents a coherent story with some interesting plot twists. Each mission has been analyzed and described here. You will find useful tips, a breakdown of the situation in subsequent missions as well as strategies that will help you get through the mission. Each mission in this guide is presented with helpful illustrations and maps. The guide will also allow you to get familiar with the three distinct factions. Each of them develops and grows differently, has different production methods and uses different armies. After every chapter, you will have to get accustomed to a whole new race - this has also been noted in this guide.

Starcraft is a true classic of the RTS genre, perhaps the greatest one. It's a different pair of shoes than other RTS games such as Dune or Command & Conquer. More emphassis was placed on strategy and diversification of units. Because of that, each unit has its strong and weak spots, which have to be learned and understood in ordder to be able to command the military resources reasonably and use them to their fullest potential. Developing the base and securing resources is very important. Another highlight of this game is the plot. The story is interesting and full of twists, particularily in the first chapter. The conflict of Terrans, Zerg and Protoss is a captivating history that appears in all of the game's missions.

1 April
Tony Lam

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