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This book describes Teacher Personality, Diagnosis and Treatment and Related Diseases

ENFJ-A / ENFJ-T (ENFJ: Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)

They are charismatic and inspiring leaders, able to captivate their listeners.

Everything the person does right now ripples outward and affects everyone. The posture can shine the heart or transmit anxiety. The breath can radiate love or muddy the room in depression. The glance can awaken joy. The words can inspire freedom. The every act can open hearts and minds.
David Deida

Teachers are genuine, caring people who talk the talk and walk the walk, and nothing makes them happier than leading the charge, uniting and motivating their team with infectious enthusiasm.

Even in the dating phase, people with the Teacher personality type are ready to show their commitment by taking the time and effort to establish themselves as dependable, trustworthy partners.

The Struggle Ought Not to Deter Us from the Support of a Cause We Believe to Be Just

"When an ENFJ is present, no matter what the product or mission, the people involved will be important and the human dynamic will be made a central part of the process."
ENFJ Personality Type

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what the potential is!”
– Anne Frank

As the name indicates, this personality type is recognized as being warm, social, and generous.

Teachers are the type of people who:
1. Have probably done very well in school,
2. Had big dreams since childhood and life purposes.

They are often depicted as a “people person” since they are very good at reading other people and picking up on what they are feeling, and their needs.

They are capable to observe even the slightest change in somebody’s mood or demeanor.

When there is a problem, they are the first people to help them through it.

This is why Teachers are likely to move towards careers in fields where they have to read other people like a counselor or psychologist.

They are also very supportive and like to rejoice other people’s successes.

They take pleasure in spending time with others, helping others, and are good at bringing people together, even diverse people.

For this reason, Teachers can be good leaders and even convey a level of enthusiasm that others with similar skills cannot.

This personality type functions best in a career path where they can socialize and help others, but also use their great organizational skills through planning activities and resolving conflicts.

Some occupations would be counselor, teacher, social worker, or psychologist.

The Teacher indicates a person:
1. Who is energized by time expended with others (Extroverted),
2. Who focuses on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details (iNtuitive),
3. Who formulates decisions based on their feelings and values (Feeling) and
4. Who chooses to be planned and organized rather than spontaneous and flexible (Judging).

ENFJs are occasionally called Teacher personalities due to their interest in helping others improve and grow.

These warm, forthright types love helping others

They tend to have strong ideas and values.

Teachers are compelled by a deep sense of selflessness (altruism) and empathy for other people.

They have an intuitive judgment of the emotions of others

They often function as an emotional barometer for the people around them.

They are often humanitarian in nature with genuine concern for the ills of the entire human race.

Among men, the Teacher is the second rarest type

Chapter 1 Teacher Personality
Chapter 2 Leader of the Just
Chapter 3 Strengths and Weaknesses
Chapter 4 Friendship
Chapter 5 Career
Chapter 6 Diplomat Personality Role
Chapter 7 Personality ABCD Types
Chapter 8 MBTI Personality Types

Health & Well-Being
November 23
Kenneth Kee

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