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War has been declared by the Jewish High Priesthood against Christians! They must stop the spread of Christian literature that could destroy their religion. The head of their secret army is a psychopathic killer known only as Alexander the Centurion. His goal in life is the total elimination of all the apostles and leaders of the Faith. And he is very good at his job!John Mark, author of the first gospel, has established a Christian publishing house in Alexandria, Egypt. Using the code name “Theophilus” (meaning friend of God), he struggles to complete a Greek Bible that combines the Jewish and Christian writings. That is, if he and his partners can elude capture long enough to do it!Four friends are tasked to document the church’s history. Spanning the 34 years from the Day of Pentecost to the death of Peter and Paul, it depicts the fulfillment of the Great Commission as seen through the eyes of a noble few who lived it. As each diary is completed, the reader is given access to its contents. Barnabas chronicles the years from Pentecost through his travels with Paul. Timothy details the next 8 years spent on the missionary trail. Luke documents the 5 prison years spent with Paul in Caesaria and Rome. And Silas reveals the little known facts leading up to the capture, trial, and execution of Peter and Paul.From Alexandria to Jerusalem to Ephesus, John Mark and his friends combat the evil enemies of the Faith. After the capture of Peter and Paul by Alexander the Centurion, John Mark races to Ephesus to rescue the apostle John. The final battle of wits with Alexander will occur at the Port of Troas. The outcome could determine the very future of Christianity!The House of Theophilus poses a very controversial question – Was the first Greek Bible published by 4th or 1st century Christians?

Fiction & Literature
September 15
Frederick Downs

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