Text Him This Not That Texting Tips To Build Attraction and Shorten His Response Time‪!‬

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Your First Text Could be Your Last! Why? Because most women text guys like they text other women.

You can have all the dating skills in place but if your texting sucks he's gone. STOP! Understand the male brain so your texting captures his attention and keeps him hooked and attentive until the next date. To understand his mind, you need a top male dating coach.

Hi I'm Gregg. I write books based on your needs. Thousands of you bought and read Power Texting Men so you are killing it already. Now, let's step it up a notch with texting for the more mature crowd, regardless of your age. This texting book is for you.
By the end of this texting book, your competition for him is toast - he's into you

As a woman, you have a built-in ability to be charming. You deliver a look or you use a certain tone of voice and you're able to work your way with men. In an instant, you can melt a man's heart.

When you meet a man you're attracted to, you turn on that charm, you deliver a coy smile, you walk away and he's hooked. Yet, when it comes to texting, you're all thumbs. You're anxious and you feel incompetent. You lose all confidence.

As a result, you text instinctively, like a woman, which is the natural thing for you to do. You can quickly get emotional and frustrated when he doesn't respond as soon as you would like. You might bomb him with texts, getting more worried with each one.

All this emotion, anger and frustration is normal. Your flirting skills have evolved over millions of years. Flirting comes as naturally to you as flight to a bird. When you're standing face-to-face with a man, you're good but when you're facing the tiny screen on your phone, you're perplexed.

That's because you expect him to respond like your girlfriends do.

Guy's don't! We never evolved!

Inside Text Him This Not That is not just how to formulate a great text but how to understand the male mind. This is as much about learning how his mind works as it is about learning how to formulate texts he can't resist. How can you communicate with him if you don't understand what he's looking for or what turns him on?
Here's what you will learn inside:

The catch me if you can mentality and why it works
The 10 rules of engagement that gets him to respond consistently and fast
How to build attraction by destroying boredom and shattering all things conventional!
How to revive a man who is texting less and less
The texting blunders and how to avoid them
What to text him so he asks you out
The power of delaying, radio silence, and texting like his best friend texts him
Text examples that are so unique that he will want more!
And a ton more!

About the Author:

Gregg Michaelsen is a #1 best-selling author of more than 20 dating advice for women books and life coaching books. He coaches men and women on how to become more confident in both their regular and dating lives.

He has a unique connection to the more than 250,000 readers who have purchased his books. Readers quickly discover him to be not only responsive to their questions but eager to help. He has devoted his life to understanding men and women and what comprises a successful relationship so he can guide his readers to the holy grail of relationships - the 80-year old couple sitting on a park bench, still holding hands, still in love after 50 years!

14 July
Gregg Michaelsen

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