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Author Erin Hotovy teamed up with several top-Akita breeders to create the ULTIMATE book for new Akita owners!

The Akita, also known as the Akita Inu, is an ancient spitz breed that is known worldwide for its loyalty and steadfast nature. Akitas have been used for several different purposes throughout the centuries, including hunting, military work, search and rescue, and show-ring work. In 1931, the breed was named a national monument of Japan. These large, powerful dogs tend to be aloof with strangers but are exceptionally affectionate and loyal towards their family members.

Akitas are a powerful and dignified breed, but with a strong independent streak that can be too much to handle for some pet parents. While they are unwaveringly loyal towards their family, they can also be aggressive or territorial with other canines. This book will provide you with clear insight into this breed's history, behavior, and health, as well as delivering actionable tips and tricks that you can use to refine your dog's behavior, both at home and out in public.

Covering crucial questions about owning an Akita, including:
What temperament does the Akita have?Selecting an Akita pup from a breederHow do I prepare my home for an active Akita pup?Diet and nutrition for the Akita breedStep-by-step instructions for training the Akita dogWhat is the best way to train and socialize an Akita Inu?
While these dogs are exceptionally devoted animals, they are also independent thinkers with strong protective instincts. Early socialization and training are essential to ensure that your active Akita pup develops into a dependable, well-mannered adult Akita. This comprehensive guidebook covers all of the essential information you will need to give your new Akita the best life possible, including:
The history of the Akita InuAdopting an adult AkitaWhat to expect the first few days at homeHouse-training your AkitaThe importance of Akita socialization and trainingBest practices for grooming your AkitaThe travel-savvy Akita—taking your canine companion on the roadProper health and wellness guidance specific to the breed
Sharing your life with an Akita ensures that you will have always have a devoted companion at your side, ready for adventure—like all dog breeds, however, these exemplary animals have their own unique challenges. The Complete Guide to Akitas is a wide-ranging guidebook that offers you all the tools you need to not only choose the right canine companion for your household, but also to provide your dog with the guidance he needs to grow into a happy, healthy, and well-mannered companion animal.

This book is required reading for anyone who is considering adding an Akita to their family!

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15 January
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