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Please note that you are reading the description for the Week 2 eBook of "The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course". The description for Week One of the course contains complete detail on the entire course. And if you haven’t already read Week 1, then you are strongly advised to start the course at the beginning by reading the content in the Week 1 eBook first.

What's covered in the Week 2 eBook of "The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course"?

Days 6-8: in week 2 we keep looking at the 'Start It Now' suggestions started in Week 1. Having taken you down a peg or two with all of the 'Stop It Now’s', these 2 days continue to build you back up, covering topics to help you lay great foundations for getting you more sex.

Day 8: looks at 20 self-improvement tips which will help you look better to your partner both mentally and physically and which will assist you on your journey to getting more sex. Day 8 also sees the introduction of the ‘Getting better at sex’ tips, 61 of them in total, which from Day 8 onwards will be given to you two tip's per day until the end of the course.

Day 9: starts looking at how you can get your partner thinking about sex with you more as well as the ‘Daily tasks’ - these are the things that you should be doing on a daily basis to make it way easier for you to get sex when you want it.

Day 10: looks at the suggested weekly to-do’s, mainly getting you working on the concept of having regular ‘date nights’ with your partner as a way of reconnecting and giving you the perfect opportunity and conditions for you to initiate sex. You'll also get introduced to the concept of improving the conversations you have with your partner, giving you suggestions for conversations that will help you to effectively ‘chat your partner up’, because those normal, dull old conversations that you’ve possibly been having aren’t really overly effective seduction techniques.

Appendices in the Week 2 eBook:

Appendix - Tips for meaningful conversations with your partner
Improving the conversations you have with your partner is a great way to get her into bed more often, so this appendix is all about helping you to become a better conversationalist with her. It looks at some great ways to fuel conversations, as well as how NOT to kill conversations totally stone dead!

The main course covers the topic of listening skills and the importance of being a good listener, spreading the tips out over the length of the course. This appendix revisits this topic, summarises it and puts it all into the one place.

It also covers off some great conversation starters, what I call ‘middle’ conversation questions, and also some later, more sexual, questions that you can ask as a great way of helping to get your partner into bed.
It concludes by looking at…
-Ways that you can keep the connection going with your partner through conversation
-Verbal listening cues
-How to transition your conversations from one type to another incase they run out of steam, because let’s face it, empty silences where you don’t have a clue what to say to each other are, again, not a great seduction technique.

Appendix - Erotic media to get you both in the mood
The main course suggests that looking at erotic media with your partner is a great way to get her mind into the right place for sex. So this appendix makes a large number of suggestions on erotic media that you can buy, read, watch, listen to or play together. The appendix covers; books (traditional, audio and digital); video (porn which you can both watch together, and a number of suggestions for more traditional films to watch – but with some seriously erotic content); board, card and digital games that you can play; and also some romantic and seduction music suggestions.

Health & Well-Being
May 23
Iain Littlejohn

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