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Please note that you are reading the description for the Week 3 eBook of "The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course". The description for Week One of the course contains complete detail on the entire course. And if you haven’t already read Weeks 1 and 2, then you are strongly advised to start the course at the beginning by reading the content in the Week 1 eBook first.

What's covered in the Week 3 eBook of "The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course"?

Day 11: In Day 11 we keep going with what you started working on in Day 10 - looking at the suggested weekly to-do’s, and keeping going with the concept of having regular ‘date nights’ with your partner as a way of reconnecting and giving you the perfect opportunity and conditions for you to initiate sex.
Days 12 to 13: These two days are all about giving you some suggested monthly to-do’s. We look at; some monthly to-do’s that you really ought to be doing regularly, a number of suggestions that will give you great opportunities for sex and finally some that will more than likely lead to sex.
Day 14: Today is about just two topics; firstly how you can create opportunities for sex with your partner, and secondly how you can spot good opportunities for sex with your partner.
Day 15: On Day 15 we start looking at how you can get your partner into bed when you want to, how you can start to call the shots! You’ll get introduced to the process of how to relax, then romance your partner and how you can undertake a little foreplay on her mind.
Appendices in the Week 3 eBook:
Getting better at sex
"The Get More Sex, Get Better Sex Course" includes 61 ‘Getting better at sex’ tips. These tips are spread out over the length of the course and are given to you, two per day, from Day 8 onwards in order to help you learn them by giving them to you in more manageable chunks.
Because they are spread out over the length of the course they aren’t overly quick to find if you simply wanted to review, revisit or revise them. So in this appendix they have all been put into the one location and they've been categorised.

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