The Motivation Clinic

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Publisher Description

Are you stressed out, overwhelmed and working hard, but not getting anywhere?
Do you know that you are capable of much, much more, but you aren’t currently doing anything about it, no matter how hard you try?
If this sounds like you and you want to do something about it, then read on.
The Author, Mike E Kennedy, even though he’s been acknowledged throughout his life as being a motivational speaker coach and trainer, believes that “No-one can motivate you but yourself.”
That’s why he’s written this book for you.
You see, The Motivation Clinic is a ‘how-to’ workbook, that will give you a structured and progressive approach to seizing control of your life, your business or your career or all three.
Mike offers you his processes, his astute approach and his experience of being a sought after coach and trainer with international experience.
“This book is not meant to be simply read. You work your way through this book by locking the door and someone puts food outside your door! You use this book to create and discover a life that you love.”
You’ll find yourself engaging in a personal process, equipped with charts and forms that enable you to structure your steps forward logically and accountably.
You’ll be introduced to an environment where your motivation is fostered and encouraged.
You will be given permission to go for what you really, really want.
You will learn new skills and ways of relating to yourself that unleash your freedom, your creativity and your motivation such as:
* How to set inspiring goals
* How to strategise and create a winning plan
* How to write and use a vision to keep yourself motivated on your own terms
* How to release yourself from the human condition of inner conflict
* How to acknowledge yourself and others.
* How to forgive yourself and others.
* How to take your human hand brake off
* How you use Celebration to motivated yourself before, during and after your projects
Just as with all his writing, Mike has written a book that you can use to construct inspiring objectives and be supported by structures that help you be the best most amazing version of yourself that you can dare to be.
These are the steps that have been proven by others that can take you to your freedom and power.

Health & Well-Being
30 May
Mike E Kennedy