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The bonding has begun…

Ancient prophecies shared amongst vampires, elves and other ancient races foretell the coming of the Grimoré, the forming of trinities…and those who will lead them, and all the races, to victory.

The trinities are bound by sex and sealed by blood.  The binding changes each participant in subtle and permanent ways, giving them gifts and talents to face the threat of the Grimoré.

In one special edition, the second three trinities in the Destiny’s Trinities series are collected and presented in print and ebook:

Cora’s Secret

Not all secrets are worth keeping…

Zoe’s Blockade

The impossible just might be possible when trinities are forming….

Octavia’s War

This is not Octavia’s war.

Warning:  These stories feature two super hot alpha heroes, multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, MM sexual play, and MMF sex.  Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.

No non-humans were harmed except for large numbers of Grimoré, who died with satisfactory squeals…

This book is part of the Destiny’s Trinities series:

Book 1.0:  Beth’s Acceptance

Book 2.0:  Mia’s Return

Book 3.0:  Sera’s Gift

Book 3.5:  The First Trinity – Novellas 1-3

Book 4.0:  Cora’s Secret

Book 5.0:  Zoe’s Blockade

Book 6.0:  Octavia’s War

Book 6.5:  The Second Trinity – Novellas 4-6

Book 7.0:  Terra's Victory

A Vampire Ménage Urban Fantasy Romance


Praise for The Destiny’s Trinities Series

Amazon Bestseller, Fantasy Anthologies

Amazon Australia #1 Bestseller, SF&F Anthologies

…a dark and delightfully erotic new series that sizzles in passion and crackles in danger.

…a mystified world filled with paranormal evil and danger that is absolutely riveting…

…the sensual world filled with danger, suspense, passion and a few secrets that all work in perfect harmony for a captivating story…


Tracy Cooper-Posey is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author.  She writes romantic suspense, paranormal, urban fantasy, futuristic and science fiction romances.  She has published over 70 novels since 1999, been nominated for five CAPAs including Favourite Author, and won the Emma Darcy Award.

She turned to indie publishing in 2011. Her indie titles have been nominated four times for Book Of The Year and Byzantine Heartbreak was a 2012 winner.  Faring Soul won a SFR Galaxy Award in 2016 for “Most Intriguing Philosophical/Social Science Questions in Galaxybuilding”  She has been a national magazine editor and for a decade she taught romance writing at MacEwan University.

She is addicted to Irish Breakfast tea and chocolate, sometimes taken together. In her spare time she enjoys history, Sherlock Holmes, science fiction and ignoring her treadmill. An Australian Canadian, she lives in Edmonton, Canada with her husband, a former professional wrestler, where she moved in 1996 after meeting him on-line.

November 20
Tracy Cooper-Posey

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