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Adam's scars from the accident that killed his parents have healed, and he's had seven years to try to heal from the pain of that memory. But even though his aunt and uncle urge him to let go of a part of that memory they say couldn't have happened, Adam can't forget that none of them would even be alive if not for his grandpa—who pulled a dangling minivan off a cliff with ease, and effortlessly carried everyone to safety in his arms. 
Adam has always looked up to his grandpa, who he's viewed as a superhero figure long before he became one in real-life, so now that Adam is watching a very different version of his hero die in a hospital room that seems to be under suspiciously tight security, he can't help but remember the past he's been told to forget and the remarkable man his grandpa used to be. He can't help wonder what and who is preventing his grandpa from being that man again.
Instead of forgetting and moving on, as Adam's longtime doctor and family friend also advises, Adam chases the past instead, discovering some deeply guarded family secrets that begin to answer his questions and change the past he's been taught to accept. 
But it's not just the truths about Adam's past that he has been prevented from discovering, it's the reality of everything else—from his unusual case of diabetes and the real cause of its symptoms, to the motives of the people who have told him who he is and what he should be for the last seven years. The truths Adam unearths lead to fights for survival with every exposed secret, as a mysterious group and its darkly intentioned leader pursues Adam for capture, threatening to kill anyone who dares stand in their way. 
To protect those he loves, Adam must choose what to do with all he has discovered. Will he stay bound to the only reality he's ever known, believing the limits he's been told would keep him safe? Or will he run with new legs, fight with new strength, and love with a new heart as his father had encouraged? Adam must choose carefully, as the battle against the evil that pursues them isn't as clear-cut as it seems, now that an emerging darkness is residing within the very person the group is after.

Young Adult
December 11
Jason Warne

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