Ultimate Personal Power: Your Path to High Self-Esteem and Happiness

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With only hate coming through the mirror, her only avenue for hope was staring her in the face.

Laura Midna endured depression, anxiety, dissociation, bulimia, self-harm, tobacco addiction and suicide attempts at an early age. And yet nothing prepared the psychiatric nurse for the devastating setback of a bipolar 1 psychotic breakdown. But she was determined to find answers, spending thousands on professional help to find any way to stop feeling utterly defective.

Drawing on her own resourcefulness, even working as an exotic masseuse to pay for her son's expensive surgery, Laura found light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Then she made the most important discovery of her life: there is no ceiling on self-esteem and happiness.

Laura lets her unique humor shine through even when she's describing her time at the bottom of the mental illness barrel, and suffering the pressure of society's negative labeling. Designed to be the life-changing resource she wished she'd had herself, you'll learn the exact tools that launched her into high self-esteem and a much happier life.

In Ultimate Personal Power: Your Path to High Self-Esteem and Happiness, you'll discover:
How to correct happiness/success anxiety to move ahead filled with confidenceWhy everybody attaches virtue to habits like worry, guilt, and self-criticism, and how to let this go to feel good no matter whatThe why and how to praise yourself so you always put your best version forwardA key driver of addiction, and how to turn this aroundThe role of pride in creating romantic happiness, and much, much more!
Ultimate Personal Power: Your Path to High Self-Esteem and Happiness is a self-help memoir and case study brimming with irreverent humor and packed with techniques to fuel self-love and joy. If you like genuinely lived parables, a wealth of research, and a passionate personal experience that paves the way, then you'll love Laura Midna's transformational blueprint.

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13 September
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