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A passionate standalone romance about a billionaire husband and the estranged wife he never stopped loving…

Callie: I only ever wanted to be the perfect wife. To prove to myself and a short-term world that Logan and I had a forever love.

I was wrong. The harder I tried to be flawless, the farther apart we grew, until I never saw my husband. At least not at home—but definitely in the pages of gossip rags with beautiful women in his orbit, like in his playboy bachelor days.

So I ran before my heart could break completely. But Logan’s found me… and he refuses to let me disappear again.

Logan: I only ever wanted to be the perfect husband. To prove I could succeed where my dad hadn’t and provide my wife with everything she could ever want.

I failed. The harder I worked, the more I made, the more I gave to her, the farther away Callie drifted. Until one day she was gone and my entire world went black.

But I never stopped searching for her. When I find her, we reignite the passion between us—and uncover a whisper campaign to destroy our marriage. Finding who’s responsible and making them pay will be the easy part. Convincing Callie to give our marriage a second chance… that will be hardest fight of my life.

Enter the world of Bastard Capital: Unrivaled men. Unimaginable wealth. Unlimited power. 

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February 28
Penny Bright Publishing

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