Unseen Beings

How We Forgot the World Is More Than Human

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    • Pre-Order
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Publisher Description

A revolutionary perspective on the climate crisis which delves into history, philosophy, science and religion to explore how and why we became a human-centric world and what this means for the environment. Drawing on Buddhist wisdom, Erik offers a treatment to our ecological disease that will make us rethink our very existence on this precious planet.

You’ve heard the hard-hitting data on climate change and you’ve seen the documentaries. But what will it truly take for humanity to change? We will not tackle the climate crisis with data alone. We need new stories and nature must take centre stage.

Unseen Beings is an exploration of humanity’s relationship with the vitality of the natural world. Looking at the climate crisis through the framework of a disease, Erik Jampa Andersson explores its diagnosis, the root causes, the development and crucially the much-needed treatment. He uncovers the powerful magic and beauty of our environment to reveal how we can save it by honouring animism and recognizing that everything in nature is a sentient being.

This rich, engaging book explores:

· how and why we developed a human-centric worldview
· discoveries around the hidden intelligence of the natural world
· how Buddhism has dealt with the question of animate nature
· how to create a more integral and inclusive worldview

Unseen Beings is a call to action -a proposal for a new way of living in the world. By embracing this call, we can open up to a far more vibrant sense of embodiment and change the world for the better.

Science & Nature
30 May
Hay House