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Sakura was a prisoner to her grief. It stole her health like a thief. When she gained weight, she could not think straight. She could not fit her blouse. When she left the house, people would sneer. She was trapped within her fear.

Every time she was gaunt, people told her it was something to flaunt. When she was thin, she lost her grin. Can she free her mind of doubt and finally find a way out?

Word Count 503. 24 pages. HS11.

Heidy's Storhymies: Stories that Rhyme. Illustrated books with a moral message for all ages, dealing with the following topics.

HS1 Slimy Grimy Odd Cod: friendship, empathy, bullying.

HS2 Hey Beautiful: self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship.

HS3 Attitude: bad attitude, abandonment, hatred, bullying, negativity.

HS4 Never Compare: comparisons, self-worth, self-confidence, self-esteem, friendship.

HS5 Forgive Never Relieve: gossip, lies, friendship, hatred, cruelty, negative words, low self-esteem.

HS6 Morning Hater: anxiety, depression, energy, friendship, loneliness, fear.

HS7 Laughable Lavender Leaner: workplace bullying, abuse (emotional, physical & social), jealousy, isolation, illness, friendship, kindness.

HS8 Only Lonely Moany Mona: negativity, blame, hatred, jealousy, loneliness, attitude, friendship.

HS9 Dressed in a Stress Mess: abuse (emotional & social), bullying, learned behaviour, vulnerability, attitude, friendship.

HS10 C: cancer, illness, loneliness, isolation, bad coping strategies, suppressed emotions.

HS11 Wait 108: eating disorder, anxiety, grief, depression, copying strategies, suicidal thoughts, friendship.

All books in English with basic greetings and farewells in different languages+ translations into English.

HS1 Slimy Grimy Odd Cod: Basic English;

HS2 Hey beautiful, HS3 Attitude, HS4 Only Lonely Moany Mona, HS10 C: Basic Spanish;

HS6 Morning Hater: Basic Italian;

HS7 Laughable Lavender Leaner: Basic French;

HS9 Dressed in a Stress Mess: Basic Japanese, Hiragana, Romanji;

HS11 Wait 108: Basic Japanese, Hiragana, Romanji and Basic Spanish.

Young Adult
21 March
Heidy Hardaker

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