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What Was Will Be is a tale of action and adventure, love and light, set in a world that is reeling from the accumulation of mankind's harvest of greed and destruction.

In 2065, world civilization fights against collapse, pushed to the brink by decades of international terrorism, worldwide viral-borne plagues and global ecological disasters. City dwelling Smoggers live amid the chaos of gangs, disease and hunger.In the once bucolic surroundings of Lake Washington's Mercer Island just east of Seattle, the fortified G. I. Island is the seat of world government, Governments International, now, the last vestige of civil order. Separated from the Smoggers, in compounds protected by G.I. soldiers, Earthers grow precious crops in gigantic greenhouses. They are the backbone in the fight against mass starvation.

However, the limited food supply going to Smoggers falls increasingly into the hands of organized gangs, to feed their armies whose ranks grow daily. The gangs reign under one banner, W.E.O.G., Warriors Eliminating Oppressive Governments, making grand promises of a better life for the people,once the government soldiers are all dead. They have the numbers, the firepower and the crude thirst for power to make their point. Monitoring the WEOG menace, a great debate ensues as the world representatives on G.I. Island mull over plans for an all out attack on the gangs, at the risk of more suffering and death among the innocent.

Beyond this nightmarish edge of human desperation, a light of reason and hope shines from the forests and mountains of the Cascades where the Treers and the Cavers, under the guidance of Danika, the teacher of the Creator Seekers, have forged a community of peace and magic ringing with a mantra of love. The lives of Jason and Medea, Jerod and Laughing Water, and their friends, come together in a passionate search for a new future and a new world. The young Creator Seekers immerse themselves in the rituals, led by Ceres and Malik, in whose hands lay the responsibilities only the wisest of the wise can comprehend.

In the darkest moments of human experience often the seeds of light and hope are sown. The prophecy of a coming new Avatar to be born the Christmas of 2066 heightens the specialness of the Winter Solstice and Christmas of 2065.

Fiction & Literature
September 5

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