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“Ohhh, hell.” In a bit of a panic, I grabbed my beanie hat and pulled on my trusty Converses. Now really wasn’t the best time for getting caught by the paparazzi. Well, let’s face it, no time was a good time – but Friday night after a long day filming and I really didn’t want to face anyone at all never mind the dreaded paparazzi... They were absolute parasites and they couldn’t wait to drag the whole sorry story of my love life through the mud – making out everything had been a total disaster from beginning to end... And it hadn’t been. Not all of it. I was sure some of it had been good. Surely, I wasn’t so utterly delusional that I’d believed it was something it wasn’t… We did have some good times... in the beginning at least. Before I realised he’d slept with half of the cast of almost every soap and drama he’d starred in and produced... Yeah, not cool.
Nathan McGregor is one of Hollywood's up-and-coming stars. He's dating one of the established stars and producer, Patrick Woods. The public adore them and have named them 'PatNat' and everything in the garden is rosy...
That is until Fiona, one of the makeup artists pulls him to one side and tells him that Patrick is a creep who is sleeping with other people behind his back and pretty much forcing himself on the younger stars...
Nathan confronts Patrick, who doesn't deny it, tells him to grow up and makes him feel stupid. Suddenly it's all over - and the paparazzi want their scoop...
Thankfully, Nathan's on location in the UK when the story breaks, which on the one hand is disastrous at the UK press are ten times worse than anywhere else, but on the other, he's able to flee to the safety of his sister's house - only trouble is, she's moved house and thanks to a dodgy Satnav, he takes the wrong turn...

Jermaine is a lonely full-time child-minder with a penchant for the daytime TV soap, Honeysuckle Avenues, and is secretly in love with the Nathan McGregor, his favourite actor from the show.
When his celebrity crush knocks on his door one Friday night, he can't believe his eyes. When his celebrity crush develops a crush all of his own, passions ignite and they embark on a whirlwind romance that surprises them both. Only trouble is, Nathan's life is in Hollywood - and Jermaine's is in a village in middle England... Can their love for each other survive their separation or is their romance dead in the water before it's even had time to flourish?
This is the second book in the 'Behind the Scenes' series. it can be read as a standalone and does not have a cliffhanger ending.

Fiction & Literature
February 29
Heather Mar-Gerrison

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