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Publisher Description

Nhoma yi Mu Nsɛm

Nansa yi abrabɔ mu ayɛ den wɔ wiase. Nnipa kum, ohia ne ade. Obiara nso di yaw, ɔyare, owu ne akwanhyia to obiara. Nhoma yi fa wiase asetena ne mu nsɛm, onipa dasani nkɔso, ne sɛnea ɛbɛyɛ na obenya asomdwoe ne ahotɔ. Ekyerɛ sɛnea yebetumi agyina ɔhaw ne amane ahorow a ɛba yɛn so ano ne sɛnea yebetumi abɔ ano. Bio nso ɛkyerɛ ɔkwan a sɛ yɛfa so a yebenya koma ne adwen mu nsakrae na ɛde anigye aba yɛn so. Yebehu nsɛm a ɛfa owu ne nkwa ho, farebae ne ɛso ade, ne akwan ahorow a onipa nkwa fa so didi nkekabom ne nkitaho, ne sɛnea ekurakura wɔn ho wɔ amansam ade nyinaa mu. Nhoma yi mu nsɛm aboa nnipa bebree ama wanya asomdwoe na wɔn nsa aka nea wɔ hwehwɛ nso.

About the Book

What is the meaning of life. Why are you here at this present time. Why is your life the way it is? No one knows what happens after death, or why it is difficult to achieve your desires. Each life has a purpose, a mission that only you can fulfill. Life has become a daily struggle for many of us, but life also is compassionate and have the potential to create happiness for you. To be able to share in this happiness you must be able to know yourself This book is about cause and effect, life and death and the relationship between the individual, his family and the community. To be enlightened to these life issues is to gain absolute happiness. There is a way to do this. This book shares with the reader the way to achieve happiness in life.

Health & Well-Being
March 30