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Publisher Description

  Dark secrets brought to light and terrible acts driven by fear and hatred ignite a bloody war within the shadows just beyond this world. The Hell Realm is a beautiful and terrible place ravaged by centuries of chaos. Starving and abused creatures riot against their unjust king. An attempt to bring about peace ends in a tragic sacrifice. Mad with grief, the king locks the gates to the Hell Realm and hides away the key.

Almost eighteen years later, the gates are accidentally left open, unleashing the hungry Hell creatures on the world. Sabrina, better known as Brina, knew nothing about the Hell Realm and her role as its princess until a nap in the cemetery triggers the beginning of a prophecy made years ago. It hints that she may be the change the Hell Realm has been waiting for. Brina is a fragile, haunted teenager, or so the outsiders think until she's confronted with the monsters hiding in the shadows. With her father missing, Brina is left to be protected by her sarcastic, tough love giving best friend, Jayson. The two are joined by Jayson's older brother and the object of her hopeless crush. The three are forced to run for their lives and fight off creatures that want to kill Brina or use her to win the war that has been waging on for centuries. After learning painful truths about herself and the ancestors that came before, Brina has to make a decision. Will she follow in her father's footsteps and allow hatred and fear to guide her, or will she change the Hell Realm for the better and bring the creatures that call it home the justice they deserve? 

Young Adult
12 June
Daisy Russell