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Wolf Rider is the second book in the HOWLER series, which begins with HOWLER.

Danny's romance with demon-cursed Aidan is only getting stronger, now that Aidan's come out of the lycanthropic closet. The two grad students want nothing more than to share their lives with each other - but with the specter of Aidan's inner monster looming over them, is that a risk either of them can take? Part 2 of the Demonrider series. (9000 words)

Warning: this work of erotic romance is intended for adults only, and contains depictions of rough gay sex.


The other chair creaked, and then his fingers slid through mine, entwining. I could feel the slow beat of his pulse between my knuckles, where he gripped me with surprising force. Still gentle, but firm as stone.

His other hand crept over my fingertips, brushing the skin as softy as cloth. He moved in slow circles across the joints, tracing the networks of fragile bones, teasing across the veins on the back of my hand.

“It starts off like a tickle in my mind,” he murmured. His touch was doing something strange to me, focusing my attention down on the place where our skin met, following the lazy pattern of his fingers. “A reminder: you are not alone in here. Soft. Seductive.”

My lips parted as my breathing sharpened. I couldn't help but think of those hands, holding me up in the crashing surf while his mouth did things to me under the water that I still dream about to this day. These same firm fingers digging into my eager flesh while I whimpered and moaned in his embrace...

Fiction & Literature
5 July
Celia Jordan

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