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X-King is about an insane scientist using time travel to kill key figures in history — former soldier Terek must go back in time to protect Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X from assassination. Terek, a US ranger who lost his brother Tim in Afghanistan is medically discharged from the US Army after he was injured fighting against the Taliban. Back in the world as a civilian, unsure what to do next. A TV commercial provides the answer and Terek signs up as a security guard for "The Agency", a mysterious building housing scientists working on advanced technology for the government. There, Dr. Lee, the insane scientist has discovered something amazing — a way to go back into time. And his soldiers have assassinated, among others, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. After finding out the details about the agency being the assassins, Terek is sickened — and resolves to undo the damage they have caused. He steals a time watch and goes back to the 1960s — first to Harlem, where he convinces a disbelieving Malcolm X to wear an advanced bulletproof suit. It saves his life. A similar situation greets him in Memphis at the Lorraine Motel...and MLK's life is saved as well. Dr. Lee is not happy that these leaders are alive again. Security video implicates Terek. He is arrested and is given an opportunity to redeem himself — go back in time and eliminate a young Barack Obama. Terek refuses, and it looks like he's done for...but he manages to escape from confinement, steal a watch, and go back in time to get Malcolm X and Dr King together to form an alliance with the nation of Islam and Black Panthers. Terek and the two families, along with their associates, prepare for the coming war. Jesse Jackson calls on the Black Panthers to guard the house. The next day, further reinforcements come from throughout history — from Muhammad Ali to Bruce Lee! All fight the well-armed and numerous soldiers from the Agency in a furious and deadly battle. Casualties mount on both sides. When the fight is over between the past against the future a very much alive MLK and Malcolm X are on hand to help Barack Obama celebrate his inauguration.

This book is dedicated to my amazing big brother, Ranger Terek Ali and my wonderful parents who will always hold a special place in the organ that pumps my blood. R I P, Mom and Dad, Majidah Ali and Hamid Ali.

Fiction & Literature
March 24
Page Publishing, Inc.