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Fawn was always the good girl, the responsible student, the wholesome sweet girl who never harmed a fly. She was, that is, until putting up with four bitchy cheerleaders who think they rule the school. For going on four years, Tina, Dawn, Jenny, and Lauren have been every guy's unsatisfied fantasy and every girl's nightmare. They are the spirit squad and there is no one they care more for than themselves.

After tormenting Fawn continuously to the point of utter humiliation when they found out she wore a back brace on occasions, Fawn has finally had enough. She's getting back at them once and for all, even if it sends her off the sane path and to a strange store called Curses R Us.

At Curses R Us, anyone can purchase a curse, or even join their Frequent Curser's program. Fawn only wants one special curse to show those bitches for who they really are. She's going to make sure the slutty cheerleaders become what they secretly fear most and she's going to enjoy it.

After second thoughts, Fawn realizes there is no mercy to be shown to girls like these and soon the curse is applied. Now it is simply time to wait and see how it takes effect. As Tina, Dawn, Jenny, and Lauren practice their routines, thoughts begin working their way into their minds, impulses losing control, and when a man from the school board sits them down in a classroom simply to fill out some standard required forms, the girls each find themselves placing X's in boxes for questions they absolutely never would agree to about themselves.

Needless to say the girls are becoming what they always hated and soon these four will be spreading much more cheer as the spirit of true sluts takes hold of them and Fawn gets her revenge.

Fiction & Literature
September 21
Kris Kreme

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