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Y. Vonne Beck realizes rather quickly that their teenaged passion had dissolved years before. Even so, Ken's chance return gives Vonne peace of mind. Jonathan's biological father steps up to the plate and he graciously accepts the daunting task of co-parenting his son.

With her eyes wide open, Vonne lets herself feel Asher's love. Their affection for each other and their intimacy together strengthens daily. Most importantly, Jonathan adores Asher. But residual effects of his previous marriage rattle Vonne. Asher's ex-wife retained full custody of their three-year-old, the precocious Brianne—she lives in faraway Los Angeles with her mother and grandmother. Although he often speaks to his little one by phone, circumstance and Grandmother's machinations quash in-person visits and desperately wished-for alone time with his daughter.

Sharing child-rearing responsibilities with Ken affords Vonne the opportunity to accompany Asher on a business trip to L.A. Her steadfast belief that children need both of their parents motivates her to reconnect father and daughter. Vonne's stamina and tenacious drive overwhelm Asher. In a covert and risky gambit, she manages to lift an unscrupulous weight from his shoulders and return the joy of fatherhood, all in the course of a single day.

Love, marriage and happily-ever-after seem to be on track. But unforeseen evils are hard at work plotting to derail Asher and Vonne's happiness and throw them completely off course. Heartache blindsides them from every direction.

Physical and mental health issues threaten them both, and Vonne and Asher discover they have mountains to scale...

Fiction & Literature
March 29
Tellwell Publishing

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