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Yoga Can Transform Your Health And Create A Life Of Peace And Vitality!

Did you know that yoga is so much more than just a fitness routine? Yes, it's true! Yoga has the power to completely change your life.

When we think of yoga we usually think of super slim people in tights, contorting their bodies into bizarre shapes. We rationalize that it's physically impossible for us to do yoga, and so we go back to our lives never even giving this life improving practice a try.

What If I Told You The Yoga You Think You Know Is Only One Small Aspect Of Yoga!

The real yoga, that came out of the Vedic culture thousands of years ago, and that has been adopted and adapted by various religions and modern fitness gurus, is a complete way of life.Yet it's not merely a philosophy to be discussed by intellectuals in university classes.

It's a practical philosophy that can be adapted by any individual to live a meaningful and peaceful life. 'Yoga: A Way of Life' will give you a complete understanding of what yoga truly is and how to incorporate yoga in your daily life...

Inside, you'll learn about:
The history of the different yoga philosophiesThe various practices of Hatha yogaHow to get started with body posturesHow to perform breath control exercisesAll about the kundalini awakening Three yogas for three types of peopleHow to integrate Raja yoga into your lifePlus, so much more!
This book will help you understand what yoga is and how you can benefit from applying one or many of its features in your life. You'll be empowered to get started on the path of yoga and completely change your life.

Health & Well-Being
May 11
Sara Elliott Price

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