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Ira is every man who’s ever yearned for, who’s ever lusted after an unattainable woman. In Ira’s case, the woman is Ashley, a six-foot tall Amazonian goddess. She’s tall and buxom and curvaceous. Her hair is long and ginger, with just a hint of curl. Her full expressive lips are perfect for everything from petulant pout to inviting smile. Her cheeks are just prominent enough to be noticed without distracting from the rest of her beauty. And her beauty, her beauty is centered inside her blue-grey eyes.
But a woman like Ashley will never be his. Ashley dates men with muscles, strong virile men. She’d never date Ira whose tummy is tubby and whose only muscles are between his ears. Ira knew that Ashley will always remain on the outer edges of the outer edges of his life.
Then one day, the perfect opportunity presents itself. Ashley’s pride and joy, her restored Jaguar XJS Sport car, has been stolen. The police do nothing. But Ira tracks down the chop shop where the Jag will be disassembled. Dreams of a romantic rendezvous dance in Ira’s head and excite his fingers as he stakes out the criminal lair.

Hours go by while Ira winces to squeeze off his bladder. Then Ashley’s Jaguar purrs into the chop shop.

As Ira strides towards the sliding door of the chop shop, the taste of Ashley tingles on his lips, the smell of her hair engulfs his nostrils, the sound of her gratitude reverberates inside his head.

He knocks on the door. The door slides upwards, revealing three pairs of legs, long, strong legs, legs supporting rippling abs, abs with wide shoulders, wide shoulders leading to arms burgeoning with muscles. And three faces, each with a scowl more hostile than Ira has ever seen before.

What will Ira do? Will he be beaten to a pulp? Will Ashley…? Buy this book and cheer for Ira!

Fiction & Literature
September 8
Jason Pinaster

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