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Natalie was always the hottest girl Brian knew growing up, and then came the fateful day their parents decided to get married just when they were approaching adulthood. As classmates and seemingly destined for more, everything was great but after being technically forced into step-sibling coexistence, Brian became a twerp in Natalie's eyes and she became an annoying arrogant princess.

One afternoon though, Natalie returns home in a mood to chat with her friends, not wanting to deal with her twerpy step-sibling. The frustration for her is that her laptop was taken away for some recent acting out in class at school and the only computer is currently being monopolized by Brian.

It's her demanding tone and impatience that brings up a unique topic from Brian, merely something he has read that he feels she needs to know about. Apparently, Natalie has passed the expiration date on her self-control.

What's worse, she has also passed a number of other expiration dates. As Natalie refuses to believe he's doing anything but making stuff up, Brian tells her about the latest discoveries of the human mind and how everything from self control to virginity and public decency can expire when overused or maintained.

Needless to say, the conversation is an eye opener for Natalie and before she knows it she'll find much better uses of her time than the computer and Brian will no longer be just some twerp under the same roof.

Fiction & Literature
July 6
Kris Kreme

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