A Myth, A Detective, & An Alien...What Else Is In Here? A Myth, A Detective, & An Alien...What Else Is In Here?

A Myth, A Detective, & An Alien...What Else Is In Here‪?‬

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A MYTH, A DETECTIVE, & AN ALIEN...WHAT ELSE IS IN HERE? by Angela 'Trish' Johnson contains five short stories across mythology, crime, sci-fi, and the real world. Each story examines a different hero, in a sometimes-odd situation, who hopes to overcome the challenges presented.

"Little Heracles and the Playground Labors" follows heroic Heracles (Hercules, if your Roman) as he takes on his legendary labors adapted to the playground. A modern young Heracles must survive childhood games and tasks to leave his mark on the school world.

In "Professional Help", rookie Detective Harper works with veteran Detective Scarborough to find important evidence in a murder case. Detective Harper plans to crack the case, even if he isn't sure what they need to find.

"An Alien Took My Girlfriend" is a fun tale of Marcus whose girlfriend was taken by an alien. Armed with only his limited wits and penchant for games, Marcus sets out to get his girlfriend back by his side.

"Leaky Trunk" follows a frantic Konnor hoping to offload a strange object from his trunk before his nephew’s performance. His plans to dump and leave are complicated when a strange police officer offers him some roadside assistance.

"The Rites to Pizza" is a coming-of-age tale for thirteen-year-old Drew who just wants to get some pizza but is too nervous to order. His older brother, Tyler, tries to help in his own way to get Drew past his fears.

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