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When it seems like lectures simply don't work for you. When you feel as if your learning capacity is decreasing. When you feel like you don't have enough concentration and attention. The solution is Accelerated Learning or AL. You may think that Accelerated Learning is learning how to speed-read or how to learn more in less time, but Accelerated Learning is much more than that. It is about expanding your learning capabilities. It is about boosting your productivity while enhancing your mind and your memory. Accelerated Learning is teaching you how to be more productive, how to learn faster, but also smarter using very simple to follow techniques and tips. With these simple techniques, you can stop wasting your time reading the same page repeatedly and getting nothing from it.By teaching you about the different learning styles, AL helps you to recognize what works best for you, so you accelerate your learning sessions by making them more adaptable to your preference and style. This leads you towards significantly higher productivity. 

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What is learning?Different learning techniquesRational, empirical and modern views on the core nature of knowledgeDifferent principles of learningLearning cyclesDifferent learning styles and typesWhat is Accelerated LearningDifferent Accelerated Learning techniquesHow to facilitate learning through Accelerated Learning techniquesMajor Accelerated Learning pillarsAccelerated Learning cycle20 Accelerated Learning strategies for improving your learning capacityBreaking bad learning habitsPreparing and organizing your learning spaceAnd much, much more...
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24 de septiembre
David Craft
Draft2Digital, LLC

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