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The title of the collection is "Ip & Pai". The first volume is named "An Extraordinary Bunny" and the second volume "The Quarrel".


Illustrated Album


The central theme of the collection is a subject of great topicality: the divorce, the separation of the parents and the impact of such an event on children. Another important topic of the books is that of imaginary friends. Children create their own universe (real or magic) to protect themselves.


The collection is aimed at an audience of preschool and primary school age children (4-9 years), the texts are quite short and the vocabulary is reduced.

Illustrations and layout

Each volume of the collection includes  fully illustrated pages, with texts integrated in the illustrations. The illustrations are made in mixed media, using different techniques like ink drawings, colored pencils drawings, paper collage and digital effects.


The main characters are two sisters, Lali and Nica. The separation of their parents force them to live in different places: one lives in Napsville, the other in Poplarsville, obviously two fantastic names. The girls create imaginary friends, giving extraordinary powers to their stuffed bunnies, Ip and Pai.


Each volume of the series is a continuation of the previous volume, but at the same time, each volume is a stand-alone, and can be read even if one did not read the other volumes. Every story has an optimistic ending and a incentive invitation to read the following story.

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Each volume is accompanied by different games (puzzles, word search games, spot the difference games, etc.).


The texts, illustrations, layout and covers are made by the author, Vera Bouchard. An important aid for the multimedia adaptation was given by Samyosam. Texts are translated to English by Lorena Munteanu.

Volume 1

An Extraordinary Bunny


Nica and Lali are two sisters who live with their parents in Napsville. Their life is peaceful because Napsville is a beautiful little town with « colorful houses and blooming trees » and girls spend every waking moment together, telling stories, inventing games, running after butterflies …

One day, the girls become aware of their parents' separation plan. Their sadness is increased by the fact that each parent has decided to take charge of one of them and move to different cities. So, double separation: Lali remains with her father in Napsville, while Nica moves with her mother in Poplarsville. The separation is lived with sadness by the youngest girl. She sees "Napsville going away with its beautiful colorful houses and its blooming trees ...". 

Arrived in Poplarsville, Nica meets her grandmother (a charismatic character who will play a more important role later in the series), which gives her a colored egg saying: "Tonight, the Easter Bunny will pass to gather painted eggs. He looks at the sleeping children and leaves a little surprise to all those who prepared him a colored egg. "

This is where the magic begins ...

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Veronica Bouchard

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