Angels of the Night but Devils by Dark

(Serving with a Military Sentry Dog at Hahn Air Base, Germany)

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What did you do when you were first free of mom’s apron strings? of dad’s rules? Did you go a little wild, party too much; as ‘THEY’ say, sow some wild oats? Well I did; it almost seemed like an obligation before taking on a more responsible life in society. I got into my share of trouble along the way and skated out of much of it; lost a good friend in an auto accident, suffering a broken back myself. This mostly accurate memoir is the telling of that time in my life and the experience I lived through in the process of finding my way from young man to adulthood. But it’s also intended to bring attention to and pay tribute to the proud heritage of the American Military Working Dog (MWD); in particular, a tribute to my canine partner in military service, Drusus von Stuben der Unhold (a.k.a. Sam).
Jerry manages to get reassigned to the K-9 or sentry dog security unit on his base where his propensity for outrageous behavior is not only accepted but is shared by the other guys in this unit. Jerry settled into a comfortable feeling of belonging and being a part of a group, they came to think of themselves, including their dogs, as a pack, its members were dedicated to fun loving, outrageous, devilish conduct in the night life available to them in Europe, calculated to provide maximum enjoyment; ‘angels of the night but devils by dark’.
Jerry survived his own misspent youth in Europe but almost did not. Coming back to base in a car driven by a friend, who had not been drinking, there was an accident that caused the car to smash into a stone wall. A close friend went through the windshield and was pronounced dead at the hospital and Jerry suffered a broken back and leg. Jerry’s recovery was probably hastened by the hospital staff’s desire to be done with him, his wheelies in his wheel chair and the wheel chair drag races he orchestrated (he wound up losing wheel chair privileges). After a few months of hospital stay and light duty recovery, Jerry left Germany.

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