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Premise: How inclusion has been proven to have direct, measurable effects on stability and success in businesses, both publicly traded and privately held, including but not limited to the technology industry. Differences That Make a Difference focuses on the power of diversity, innovation, and disruption, by narrating anecdotes and research from Fortune 500 CEOs, public service leaders, and academics. Pedro David Espinoza Jorge Titinger interviewed more than 100 leaders on 4 continents to share how companies and entrepreneurs can take tangible steps to create a culture of belonging, prepare for the future of work, and retain the world’s best talent.

Structure: Statistical research to support the premise, as well as relational information provided by interviews with business and public policy leaders known as contributors. 

Contributors: Reed Hastings, Nancy Brown, Liliana Gil Valletta, Eric Schmidt, Michelle K. Lee, Dan Schulman, Claudia Edelman, Gaby Natale, Steve Westly, James Lattin, Laszlo Bock, Steve Bennett, Tim Hwang, Ernestine Fu, Tina Seelig, Lindred Greer, David Hornik, Frank Baxter, Tim Draper, Carl Guardino, Mitch Barns, Jessica Mah, Silvina Moschini, Joe Simitian, Rebeca Hwang, Margaret Neale, Charles Holloway.

Foreword by Pat Gelsinger (VMware CEO). Introduction by Anita Sands (ServiceNow Board Member)

"As one of the few Latina directors of a publicly traded company, I know how important inclusion is. This book is a convincing argument that companies that make inclusion a priority, are more successful, innovative, and valuable." — Nina Vaca, Board Member of Cinemark

“Pedro Espinoza and Jorge Titinger have expertly compiled a rich and impressive collection of voices whose messages showcase the cultural temperature of diversity and inclusion today. Through these stories, Pedro and Jorge analyze the best practices from around the world to make it clear that, while we’ve come a long way, we still have much more work to do.” — Stacey Ferreira, CEO of Forge

"Great business books distill a wide range of brilliant experiences and insights into light bulb moments and actionable steps for the reader. For leaders who want their businesses to thrive, being able to actualize differences as a competitive advantage is imperative. This book, from Jorge Titinger, one of the most thoughtful CEOs I know, and his brilliant young entrepreneur co-author Pedro David Espinoza,  is a nightstand essential for any leader who wants to build a business to thrive in the 21st century." — Coco Brown, CEO of The Athena Alliance 

"It has long been recognized that inclusion and diversity are good for business, are good for the bottom line, and to empower a positive and rewarding culture for all.  In this book Pedro David Espinoza and Jorge Titinger have provided a compelling and actionable review of the issues, risks, opportunities and strategies to successfully address them.  They bring this to life with compelling insights and experiences from leaders who had successfully employed inclusion and diversity to innovate, empower and build leading organizations. A must read for the twenty-first century leader." — Bill Coleman, CEO of Veritas

"Differences That Make a Difference is a must read for anyone who wants invaluable examples from passionate leaders who realized that embracing diversity and inclusion can be a strategic advantage for successful organizations." — John Cleveland, CHRO of Seagate 

"Differences That Make A Difference by Pedro David Espinoza and Jorge Titinger gives readers a spectrum of near rapid-fire opinions and thoughts about inclusion and diversity from an eclectic range of corporate and nonprofit leaders. Interesting food for thought." — Jason L. Ma, CEO of ThreeEQ

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