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Spice up the marriage? Crossdressing? Feminization?

A loving couple’s sex life begins to dwindle and the woman introduces lingerie for her man to wear, sparking their sex life once more. She thinks if a little is good and makes him happy then a lot is better, and the hot wife buys the book, “Feminizing Men - A Guide for Males to Achieve Maximum Feminization,” by Barbara Deloto and Thomas Newgen. Enter a new world.

The feminized husband feminizes himself for his wife as a favor to her for a week long stay-cation and they follow the guide and develop his feminine aspects. Quickly, even though he still is sure he will become a man again after the stay-cation, he looks at life very differently.

In less than a week, the feminization turns their lives into something most would never reach. Cuckolding, sex toys, a transvestite-crossdressing husband, an incredible sex life for the wife and a sissy catering to everyone’s needs.

The hot wife’s life is enhanced by the efforts of her feminized husband in ways she could only fantasize about previously. Her ex-male, now in a male chastity cage, finds ways to satisfy the woman he loves and gives his hot wife gifts she never would have imagined.

What would happen if a loving couple decided to feminize the male? Would the feminized man no longer be a man? After a few short days crossdressing as a woman, and being feminized, would he be able to turn back time and become a man again, or would he become addicted to the alluring aspects of being feminized, giving him new sensations, intriguing challenges, and womanly desires to which he was previously unaware along with a new point of view on his hot wife’s situation.

Experience this erotic tale as you become enveloped in the story of what happened to this feminized male and his hot wife. Does she end up cuckolding the feminized male? Do they stay married and have a better life, or do they part ways? What gifts can a feminized man possibly give to a woman?

Can he resist the lure of feminization, return to his old male self and try to be a real man, or is he forever destined to crossdressing as a woman and increasing his feminization until he becomes a shemale? Does he end up as a sissy and not a real man, or is he able to return to masculinity after his hot wife has introduced him to feminization and he’s been immersed in the experience.

A quick read to immerse you with 18,000 words and 68 pages of feminized male, hot wife, cuckold, crossdressing, sissy fiction.

Start now on this highly erotic triple xxx rated, adult, crossdressing, tranny, cuckold, feminization fantasy.

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enero 19
Barbara Deloto
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