It Starts With A Raindrop It Starts With A Raindrop
It Starts With A

It Starts With A Raindrop

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Follow a tiny raindrop as it brings the world to life in this beautiful water cycle story, with gentle, rhyming text to read aloud.

The raindrop flows through rivers, lakes and streams – all the way to the ocean. It then rises back into the atmosphere as steam, cooling into clouds and falling all over again. A magical cycle that keeps us all alive, and allows our planet to thrive.

See how life-sustaining water falls as rain, surges in tropical storms, and flurries in snow storms in this enlightening story that includes:
  A full explanation of the water cycle, put in simple and gentle terms for even the youngest readers to understand Engaging, informative poetry flowing over the pages Stunning illustrations bringing this incredible water story to rippling, flowing life A beautiful fold-out ending scene, celebrating water, life, and even muddy puddles! Additional non-fiction information about the water cycle at the back

Learn all about the crucial role water plays in the cycle of life in this charming tale that unlocks the workings of the natural world for readers of every age. Lyrically authored by Aimee Gallagher and brought to life with timeless charm by Sally Garland, It Starts With a Raindrop is a tale bursting with life that can be enjoyed over and over again, just like the tiny raindrop on its journey through our world.

26 de septiembre
Words & pictures
Quarto Publishing Group USA Inc.

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