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As technology advances, we have to look beyond the finite thinking of a task, will it be a human or a machine’s responsibility. We need to look at how we can use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to enhance the task so that it can be performed better, faster, at a lower cost and a higher quality without destroying the human contribution in the process.

This is where ‘New Grey’ thinking comes into play; it’s when things are not black or white, and they are grey. The New Grey is a hybrid thinking on how to utilize the best features of A.I., while partnering it with the best aspects of human intellect.

There are already millions (and there will be eventually billions) of devices like smartphones, smart speakers, Internet of Things, and other gadgets creating larger amounts of data at an exponential rate. Existing and next-generation Big Data technologies will struggle to capture, store, query, analyze, search, and visualize all this information.

A.I. can be a game-changer for businesses trying to process all this data or for whole new product categories. Although, It's not a magical buzzword that can be added to any product and will automatically improve it. Although, A.I. can make a product or service smarter when implemented correctly.

A.I. can also give organizations the ability to find trends in data that a human might not be able to see. Although, in the end, we must never forget that it is the humans that are the consumers or benefactors of this information.

The whole purpose of this book is to explore the roles that humans and machines will play together over the coming years and decades. Machines will be evolved by their creators to do more advanced operations in the near future. The question is will we be ready for what it holds for us.

In the final chapter of this book, it shows how to set up a quick demo using one of the most advanced Machine Learning algorithm (i.e. GPT-2) that is publicly available to utilize or even use as a starting point for your own projects.

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octubre 9
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Jason Savitt

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