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Two-Thousand years ago, the Christ Mind delivered a message to the world, You must be born of the Spirit. Through the willing instrument of Jesus, that Mind which was in Christ Jesus, poured out Itself for all who had ears to hear, telling us of Its plan to take us into the Kingdom of God right here on earth. But mankind did not understand this great message. Therefore, with Infinite Grace and Love, that same Christ Mind speaking out from the Invisible, repeated the message in great detail through St. John the Divine, and this became the Revelation. Over the centuries, this Revelation has been in plain sight, yet, not understood, or misunderstood, and the reason is because only the Christ Mind in man can reveal the Truth of Being. Not until the year 1970, did a man sit still in meditation over many months, until, at last, the entire message of the Revelation was revealed once again. That man was Herb Fitch.

This two volume set of books covers the entire Revelation of St. John the Divine, the interpretation of which was received in Consciousness from the Christ Mind and spoken through Herb Fitch in a series of talks recorded on tapes. Transcribing this work work involved hours upon hours of dedication by many individuals. These individuals also sat in meditation before beginning to type the transcripts, and before beginning to edit the texts; so that all may be receptive to the Christ Mind while working on this Revelation and this message may be presented again to the world with integrity, preserving the Truth.

It is suggested that you find a quiet place and read only one chapter at a time, until Something calls to you from these pages. Then, put these writings down, and walk away, find a place and sit down to meditate on what has stirred you within. I can tell you with a certainty born of experience that you can walk in another Dimension, right here, and right now, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Salud, mente y cuerpo
noviembre 28

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