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As the subtitle says, the book is a critique of denominational church doctrines. It is an objective writing as I, the author, have made every attempt to keep personal biases and subjective thinking out of the writing. It deals with denominational churches as to what's right in their doctrines and what's wrong. As mentioned, 100% of all church doctrines do not line up with the scriptures. Some churches come close, but no cigar. Others are so far out that I cannot fathom why they are called Christian Churches. The book discusses a host of contemporary topics which the Bible mentions in detail. In addition to man-made traditions of all the churches, the book tackles taboo topics in the church world such as abortion, alcoholism, smoking, drugs, gambling, homosexuality, infant baptism, Jehovah\'s Witnesses, Mormons, Islam, Agnosticism, Atheism, Women in the Church, Divorce, Interfaith Services, The Tribulation, Tithing, 666, Welfare, Social Security Disability and paid salaries for the clergy. The book has mostly scriptural references but some non-scriptural references too. All statements are supported with a Biblical verse(s) or occasionally, with an article or a personal reference. The Biblical references are from the King James Version, the New International Version, or sometimes paraphrased. The book flows easily as I used $1.98 words rather than $100.00 words. It is written so that the average 12 year old will understand it. Although I mention particular denominations, I never mention the names of churches or the names of people who were involved in the various scenes of the book. The book is an educational and enlightening tool for pastors' sermons, Bible studies, and Sunday School Classes. The book's one endeavor is to reveal the truth about Christianity. I don't understand why someone else didn't write this book decades ago. This book reveals to the readers that their churches and church leaders are not what they claim to be. In the book, there are some interesting and humorous anecdotes about situations which help to get a point across. They are lessons learned. This book is meant for Christian readers as well as non-believers and for those who are on the fence. This book will cause one to think and perhaps, reevaluate his or her position on God, salvation, and what is next after he or she departs this world.

Religión y espiritualidad
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