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Women worry. A lot! 

We are so concerned about literally every aspect of our life and other peoples’ lives (even if we know this is none of our business) that we often limit ourselves in so many ways in fear of making a fool of ourselves, not being liked and so much more. 

We even worry about why we worry so much. We want to make things perfect and rehearse life more often than not. And unless there is no other option, sometimes we would rather stay behind the shadows then celebrate in hidden corners than be the ones on the spotlight just to avoid making one tiny mistake that ruins everything we’ve spent hours, days, weeks or even months preparing. 

Besides, as women, we may often go through lots of good but intrinsically traumatizing experiences in life like giving birth and having cramps. At times, we may go through other life situations that often increase our fear of uncertainty that we often find ourselves incapable of doing many things that other people do effortlessly. We want to change, but the change is not instant. 

We stand before the mirror countless times talking to ourselves (thinking we are addressing a crowd or talking to strangers) but when we are put in situations that put our practice to test, we feel helpless; everything we had practiced goes to the wind. Well, we know that this is unhealthy because if we want to go far in life, we cannot be living a life full of limitations. 

That’s where this book comes in to walk you through the journey to understanding why you do what you do i.e. have heightened fear of things you know are unreal and how to overcome all that. 

Anxiety means loss of energy. Loss of lots of energy. Energy that could be used in a million positive ways. Claim back that wasted energy and direct it towards your career, family, friends, personal goals or whatever really matters to you. 

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