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In this book, you will learn meanings of useful 10-letter-words. You will also find the parts of speech they belong to. I have also given synonyms of most of these words. Sample this:

01 -- abhorrence (noun) -- a feeling of strong hate for a way of thinking or behaving for moral reasons [synonyms: detestation, disgust, hatred, loathing, repugnance]
02 -- abruptness (noun) -- (a). (of an action) rapidness or unexpectedness [synonyms: hastiness, suddenness, unexpectedness] | (b). rudeness
03 -- bewitching (adjective) -- extremely beautiful in a way that attracts somebody’s attention greatly
04 -- discompose (verb) -- to make somebody feel nervous or worried [synonyms: disconcert]
05 -- effusively (adverb) -- in a way that expresses feelings or emotions in a heartfelt manner [synonyms: fervently, enthusiastically, passionately]
06 -- gratuitous (adjective) -- needless, unnecessary or unreasonable
07 -- grubbiness (noun) -- (a). dirtiness, because something has been unwashed or has not been cleaned | (b). state of unpleasantness and infamy because of involvement of dishonest or immoral activities [synonyms: dirtiness, filthiness, griminess, muckiness, sordidness]
08 -- horrifying (adjective) -- making somebody feel extremely disgusting or frightened [synonyms: appalling, dreadful, horrific]
09 -- meditative (adjective) -- involving or absorbed in deep and serious thought [synonyms: contemplative, thoughtful, pensive]
10 -- mystifying (adjective) -- (a). totally confusing | (b). making something difficult to understand [synonyms: bewildering, baffling, confounding, perplexing, puzzling]
11 -- rebellious (adjective) -- (a). showing unwillingness to obey the conventional rules | (b). showing opposition or resistance to those in authority within an organization [synonyms: defiant, disloyal, mutinous, seditious]
12 -- refutation (noun) (a). the action of to be wrong or proving someone/something to be wrong | (b). an act of saying a statement is not true or fair [synonyms: denial, negation, repudiation]
13 -- solicitude (noun) extreme care or concern for somebody [synonyms: consideration, kindness]
14 -- succinctly (adverb) -- in a few words [synonyms: briefly, concisely]
15 -- transgress (verb) -- to break the moral or legal standards

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