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The book, titled Orions Highway Across the Galaxy, is about an alien from a distant planet assigned to help mankind by making specific individuals in the past become famous. His name is Enoch and he is a distant cousin of the human race. Gifted with certain skills, he is able to help Nostradamus, Mozart, and Dr. Christiaan Barnard gain the recognition that they richly deserved. The following is a quote from Enoch as he summarizes his life:

Nostradamus, Mozart, and Dr. Barnard all these men with different personalities were the ones that I helped in the corresponding years 1513, 1756, and 1962. Mozart lived for only thirty-five years because of the drugs he received as a baby causing his brain to deform. For every bad thing, there is a good thing: his contribution was the brilliance of his music that he left for society. When I recall the three Earthlings that I guided toward recognition, I concede that their beginnings were apt to be shadowy. So it is with great men trying to find their beginnings with their inner skills that are undeveloped. Most critics, then and now, still debate the success of their accomplishments with doubt and jealousy, and yet, wishing that they could achieve fame themselves. The plain and inescapable truth is that these men struggled with a desire that motivated them, and in the absence of eyewitnesses, no one was there to see me rally them on. I gave them inspiration and the ability to meet their goals.

Enoch, II

With a life span of twelve hundred years, Enoch is capable of accomplishing many goals set forth by his superiors. The only goal that he cannot successfully complete is to make a decision to marry Beena, the red-haired beauty whom he loves, or to marry Brianna, the beautiful blond that had his child out of wedlock.

During Enochs multiple visits to planet Earth, he discovers the mysteries of the universe. The following is one of Enochs discoveries:

Traveling at Warp 5, we crossed the barrier that separates the two spiral sectors in our galaxy, called the Milky Way. Beyond the stream of neutrinos on the other side of the barrier, I could see the multicolored beacons that our radar illuminated on the monitor screen. The green rings and yellow dots in a circular pattern outlined the entrance to Orions Highway, a pathway that led to planet Earth. My assignment was to help an individual on Earth to become historically famous an individual whose artistic music skills would calm the soul and quench the fires of war within the hearts of men! The individual was my distant cousin, and I was about to become my Brothers Keeper.

Enoch, II

The story line unravels universal mysteries about the feasibility of space flight at warp speeds, a decoding of the Bible that shows when the Great Flood occurred, and the purpose for the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

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